A true carioca from Rio de Janeiro, the icon was born and raised in the neighborhood of Tijuca, where he became one of a group of friends that would forever change the face of Brazilian popular music. Some of the members of this group were: Roberto Carlos, Erasmo Carlos and Jorge Ben Jor. For decades, Tim collected hits, won a place for himself in the hearts of the Brazilian people and guaranteed his place as an eternal idol.

The powerful voice, keen sense of rhythm and unequaled charisma were the elements that made up the unmistakable style of the “Supervisor” of Brazil, who influenced artists like Roberto Carlos, Jorge Ben Jor, Marisa Monte, Jota Quest, Ivete Sangalo and a large legion of Brazilian music hot shots. The father of Brazilian soul music lived for five years in the USA, drinking straight from the source, being influenced by Funk and Soul. An overdose of Motown. He was elected by Rolling Stone Brasil magazine the 9th greatest artist of Brazilian music (Source: Rolling Stone Brasil)

Indomitable, he was the first Brazilian artist to be completely independent of the large recording companies. To achieve complete artistic freedom and financial control over his work, he founded the Seroma publishing company and the Vitória Régia Discos recording company.

After establishing himself as a successful executive in the record industry, he continued to producing great hits until his death in 1998.

Tim Maia left a huge legacy that has left a deep mark in the history of Brazilian and international music.