On Stage and Soon on the Silver Screen

Saturday, april 14th, 2012

In 2012, the year when he would have celebrated his 70th birthday, came the national debut of Tim Maia - Vale Tudo, the musical at Carlos Gomes Theater, Rio de Janeiro. The ‘supervisor of Brazil’ had his life reviewed for the first time on stage.

The shooting of a feature film provisionally called "Tim Maia" is set to start during the second half of the year. The movie will be directed by Mauro Lima ("Meu Nome Não É Johnny"), who also wrote the screenplay together with Antônia Pellegrino. The movie will be based on the book "Vale Tudo: O Som e a Fúria de Tim Maia", written by journalist Nelson Motta. Its release date has not been set, but any movie demands time and, especially speaking of him, it could not be any different.