Vitória Régia & Seroma Produções

Geniuses aren't born every day and Tim Maia anticipated what would happen to the recording industry. The scenario of the 1970s was more favorable and his thoughts were not dedicated to the need of having his own record label and publishing company. A pioneer in almost everything, he created Vitoria Régia Discos and Seroma Produções. All the music composed was registered in his own publishing company and the distribution of the albums was outsourced, a licensing contract established for a set deadline, that could be renewed or not.

With the advent of piracy, the record labels and the artists had to create new strategies and technologies to compensate the losses. Some went bankrupt, others underwent mergers and some recording artists did not have their contracts renewed. After almost three decades, they began the movement to manage their own business, to create their own publishing houses, after years of contracts that could not be revoked or changed. During an interview, he was asked: Tim Maia, what's the difference between you, Caetano Veloso and Chico Buarque? He answered: “Chico and Caetano are college students, scholars. Tim Maia is a nutcase.” Maybe his madness was a synonym for intelligence.

In 1997, the great master was the first Brazilian artist to create an interactive track on his records, to mix audio, video and the Internet through Vitória Regia Discos recording company..