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Speedy Tuesday - the Omega GTG in ViennaYou will come to Fratello Watches, we like to heading out to discover our longstanding readers while taking the possiblity to meet new faces. Yesterday, I did the opportunity to just do that. Per month approximately earlier, Markus (aka @vintagewatchzilla), said that they was working with Omega Austria to set up a compact, but activity packed, Saturday. Soon after weeks of looking forward to my schedule to crystalize, I saw the chance book a simple flight on the home in our collective Fratello favorite food, the schnitzel. Consider a look at what occurred on the Omega GTG in Vienna.Organizing the Omega GTG in ViennaIf you follow Instagram, you'll observe that Markus, along with his partner, Michi (@coffeemyfuel), is usually a passionate Omega collector. He's fastidious about condition, tracking down correct packaging, provenance and, obviously, his photos (well, that's Michi's forte and thanks to her for your bulk of these great shots as to what was some tough lighting!). You can declare that he's caught the "bug" that afflicts most of us vintage watch collectors. I really first met the dynamic duo while i visited Geneva earlier in the year with the Watches with Nicknames event therefore we spent most of the a couple of days traversing the town with Christopher Beccan of bexsonn.com and also the Davidoff Brothers. It absolutely was here that Markus first hinted about his plans for the Omega GTG in Vienna. Things i would learn on the next almost a year is I would not learn anything! He's very secretive!A Secret AgendaI landed in Vienna in the early afternoon and quite a few of the gang of roughly 10 people had already assembled about 10am.Their first stop , after having a coffee - this is Vienna of course, ended up being to the Vienna Uhrenmuseum a horological museum in Vienna. Like most museums, the focus is especially on clocks, patek philippe moonphase nevertheless it received positive remarks from all.Plus, it's nice to find out there is something to view in Vienna museum-wise aside from on the list of umpteen palaces formerly of the Kaiser and it is related art.Always an end in the Local BoutiqueThe next, and intermediary stop for the Omega GTG in Vienna, ended up being the Omega Boutique in central Vienna. While vintage comprised the bulk of our talk, there seemed to be hardly anyone in the group who hadn't bought a modern Omega in the past 1-2 years. One collector with the event, by way of example, mentioned which he currently owns 27 Speedmasters and many are recent Limited Editions! Just as one aside, Omega currently operates 3 boutiques within Austria and also, since we realize you're keen on trivia, america has or will provide 17 Speedy Tuesday Speedmasters.A Private RoomAfter spending two or three hours trying replica watches for the boutique, the viewers traveled with Maria Fojtl, the actual top of Omega Austria, making its strategy to the beautiful Steigenberger Herrenhof hotel. Lo and behold, we entered discover that Omega Austria had reserved a substantial private conference room for people.Once inside, we found a bag of Omega themed gifts each and every seat (many thanks!) along with a video from Omega's CEO, Raynald Aeschlimann, welcoming us towards the Omega GTG in Vienna. It was pure class by Omega and Omega Austria and really added a private touch to the event. Then, that it was on the replica watches…Some Amazing Vintage and Newer PiecesWith this type of select few at the Omega GTG in Vienna, one might imagine that the showing of replica watches was small. watches for men Well watches , when we say in America, the attendees "brought the lumber". Markus brought his own stunning choice of museum grade pieces and set them up to ensure you could almost imagine it such as a 1960's shop window.Rare NASA PiecesIf you follow @kovpics, you understand his penchant for adding rarities and then he brought them galore.In addition to a couple of beautiful pre-moon pieces (such as a 2998 as well as an Ultraman), he brought along 3 digital Speedmasters from the late 1970's. One was a normal production model while 2 (pictured about the outsides on the trio above) were part of an edition of 20 delivered to Omega's USA importer and they are referred to as Alaska IV. The first intent? These folks were developed for testing by NASA Space Shuttle pilots and delivered in 1979. A lengthy look might lead you to question the difference relating to the test grade models and normal model, but a conclusion was presented. The shuttle replica watches contain a slightly thicker case, larger pushers and, as opposed to by using a small button-activated light, strips of tritium were applied beneath the dial. All of these little features specified for expressly for the astronaut, but sadly NASA decide to cancel testing and stayed with all the Moonwatch we carry on and enjoy today. Still, seeing 10% with the original production run in the Omega GTG in Vienna was impressive indeed.A number of Watches from other brandsA few replica watches business brands also made their solution to the Omega GTG in Vienna and so they were impressive at the same time.A beautiful early Daytona produced great sparring partner using a Heuer Autavia 2446 "Jochen Rindt" and I brought the Doxa 300 Black Lung because i thought a gaggle of watch nerds would like to see a prototype version inside metal.Still, the time was about Omega and before I forget, check out this trio of white gold or platinum beauties. A sample from your early run of 20 (explained in detail here), a later example from your limited run of 500 and the moon phase made out of 1999 to roughly 2002 were present and underneath the ownership of just one collector. Stunning!The fantastic Wall of SpeediesTowards no more our time in the non-public room throughout the Omega GTG in Vienna, Roy Davidoff invented a great idea - a genuine replacement for the "sexpile" picture that so many people begrudge - to develop a "Great Wall of Speedmasters". Every Speedmaster in the room, with a showpiece from Maria, was set up with a bit of a higher level give attention to era. We counted 38 plus it was awesome to discover so many different variants repeatedly.I was particularly proud to count 3 Speedy Tuesday references within the esteemed group.Ending with…a Schnitzel!After leaving the surrounding, that it was away and off to the bar for the cocktail or two and even more discussion.Thirsts quenched, we made our way to the restaurant where, surprisingly, I had among the finest schnitzels That i've ever tried in Vienna. That it was surprising for any hotel, but the table agreed.More watch stories were shared over drinks and food: tales of replica watches won and those that got away. Finally, it was an excellent event that designed for a truly enjoyable weekend.Serious thanks come in order to Omega Austria and Markus for producing the event happen. We can't delay until the next!